Songs for Learning English Grammar

I’m keen on the idea of songs helping students internalise, through repetition, the rhythm, sentence stress and grammatical structures or English. I don’t have much opportunity to use songs in most of my classes (mostly business, academic and exam classes at the moment) but am interested in the idea of encouraging students to use songs independently to practice shadowing, as one way of reviewing grammar structures. One advantage of using songs this way, with the lyrics available, is that the words of the songs don’t need to be quite as clear as they would if they were to be used to present structures and vocabulary.

I think it’s important to offer a number of different songs showcasing structures if possible, so students will be motivated to listen repeatedly.

Here is my (growing) list of songs featuring different grammatical structures:


Present Simple

Present Continuous

Past Continuous

Present Perfect

Present Perfect Continuous

Past Perfect

Future Perfect



First Conditional

Second Conditional

Third Conditional

Other Structures

Used to and Would for Past

Be Used to and Get Used to

Wishes and Hopes

The Passive Voice

Quantifiers (Countable & Uncountable Nouns)

Question Forms



Songs for Beginners

Do you have any favourite songs to add to the lists? How do you use songs in or out of class?

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