Songs to Learn English – The Second Conditional

How can songs help you learn English? Read this blog post!

Click on the title of each song below to view the video.


If I Were A Boy by Beyonce

Released in 2008 by the American R&B pop singer.

Theme: Difference between the sexes

Expressions: ‘To Take someone for granted’


Your Song by Elton John

Released in 1971 by the British pop singer-songwriter

Theme: Love

Expressions: ‘a bit funny’ (meaning ‘strange’)


Would You Be Happier by The Corrs

Released in 2002 by the Irish pop band

Theme: Happiness

Note: This song uses a lot of comparatives too.


In These Arms Tonight by Bon Jovi

Released in 1992 by the American rock band

Theme: Love


Money, Money, Money by Abba

Released in 1976 by the Swedish pop group

Theme: Money


If I Were A Carpenter by Johnny Cash and June Carter

Theme: Work, Love

Expressions: Miller, Tinker


Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

Released in 1992 by the British rock singer

Theme: Death

Expressions: ‘To bend your knees’


Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani

Released in 2004 by the American pop singer

Theme: Money

Note: Non-Standard ‘Don’t need no other’ and ‘We ain’t getting nothing but love’ the ‘double negative’ is used like this in some dialects. In standard English we’d say ‘I don’t need any other’ and ‘We aren’t getting anything but love.’


If I Were You by Hoobastank

Released in 2006 by the American rock band

Theme: Happiness / Self pity

Expressions: ‘To rain on someone’s parade’, ‘In the blink of an eye’.


One Of Us by Joan Osbourne

Released in 1995 by the American pop singer.

Theme: Christianity

Expressions: ‘A slob’ ‘A rolling stone’.


If You Were a Sailboat by Kate Melua

Released in 2007 by the Georgian-British singer-songwriter

Theme: Love, metaphors


If I Had Money by Blues Delight

Released in 2009 by the Canadian blues band

Theme: Money


If I Had A Hammer by Trini Lopez

Released in 1963 by the American singer

Theme: Peace


If I Were A Rich Man by Zero Mostel

Released in 1964 in the musical The Fiddler on the Roof

Theme: Money