Ray Conniff

Songs to Learn English – Quantifiers

How can songs help you learn English? Read this blog post!

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Too Much Love Will Kill You by Queen

Released in 1992 by the British rock group

Theme: Love


With A Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles

Released in 1965 by the British group.

Theme: Friendship


Gotta Be Somebody by Nickleback

Released in 2008 by the Canadian rock band

Theme: Love

Expressions: the Silver Screen = films/movies; déjà vu = the feeling that something has happened before even though it hasn’t; a diamond in the rough


Somewhere My Love by Ray Conniff and Singers

Released in 1966 by the American band.

Theme: Love


No Tears Will Be Shed by Alan Smith Robertson

Released by the EFL Teacher on YouTube.

Theme: Death