Songs to Learn English – Past Continuous

How can songs help you learn English? Read this blog post!

Jealous Guy by John Lennon

Released in 1971 by the British musician

Theme: Emotions (Excuses?)


Doo Wah Diddy by Manfred Mann

Released in 1964 by the British group.

Theme: Romance


Don’t You Want Me by The Human League

Released in 1981 by the British synth-pop band

Theme: Love, meeting


Really Saying Something by Banarama

Released in 1983 by British pop group

Theme: Stalking(?!)


Last Kiss by Pearl Jam

Released in 1999 by the American rock group.

Theme: Love, death (Trigger Warning: Car Crash Death!).


Looking for Love by Karen Ramirez

Released in 1998 by the British dance music singer

Theme: Love