Songs to Learn English: get used to & be used to

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No Love by Kevon Edmonds

Released by the American R&B singer in 1999

Theme: Emotions, Relationships, Daily Life

Expressions: ‘Let’s not be over’ = We should finish our relationship


I Never Get Used to What You Do by Twila Paris

Released by the American Gospel singer in 1996

Theme: Emotions, Religion/Spirituality

Expressions: ‘Take a life beyond redemption’ refers to transforming someone’s life in a positive way. ‘Father of grace and love without end’ = Father refers to God.


I’m Getting Used to You by Selena

Released in 1996 by the Mexican-American singer

Theme: Love, Affection, Emotions, Relationships

Expressions: ‘Gotten to this heart of mine’ = reached my heart. ‘Ain’t no living without loving you’ = I can’t live without loving you.


I Could Get Used to This by Becky Hill & Weiss

Released in 2019 by the British dance/electronic singer and DJ

Expressions: Love, Relationships, Emotions, Communication

Note: ‘If you never try, you’ll never know’; ‘Life ain’t easy as the sayings go’ = common wisdom suggests life isn’t easy.


You Get Used to Somebody by Tim McGraw

Released in 2001 by the American country singer-songwriter

Theme: Relationships, Emotions, Daily Life

Expressions: ‘So-called independence’ – ‘so-called’ indicates that people say this but it may not be true; ‘Rambling conversations’ – disorganised, talking for a long time about nothing very important; ‘Bring you up when you’re feeling down’ – Make you happy when you’re feeling sad’.


Get Used to It by Justin Bieber

Released in 2015 by the Canadian pop singer

Expressions: Relationships, Time, Emotions

Note: ‘Subjected to’ – a formal phrase meaning under the control or influence of; ‘I won’t need your brace’ – I won’t need your comfort or support; ‘Woeing you’ – trying to win your affection/love.


I Could Get Used to This by Everlife

Released in 2007 by the American pop group

Theme: Romance, Appreciation, Daily Life

Expressions: ‘Too good to be true’ – something is so good it is difficult to believe, ‘feeling it coming over me’ – feeling a strong emotional response to something.


You’ll Get Used to It by Wilf Carter (The Yodeling Cowboy)

Released in 1944 by the Canadian folk singer-songwriter

Theme: Emotions, Social Commentary, Life

Expressions: ‘you so and so’ – you rascal, or scoundrel, usually used in a lighthearted way. ‘Soda jerk’ – a bartender in cafes in 1940s/1950s America; ‘locked you in for life’ – committed or stuck in a situation forever.


I Guess it’s What I’m Used to by Adriel Rivera

Released in 2022

Theme: Relationships, Independence, Career

Expressions: ‘I’ve been through’ – to have experienced something difficult; ‘My life don’t fit in’ – ‘to fit in’ means to belong or be accepted by others; ‘underdog’ – someone who is least likely to win but usually achieves success or recognition.


Used to and Get used to

Get Used to It by Ricky Montgomery

Released in 2016 by the American pop singer-songwriter

Theme: Life Changes, Identity, Relationships

Expressions: ‘Make monkey love in the street’ – Intimate acts in a public place; ‘Give in to me’ – surrender to me or stop fighting me.

Note: Most of the lyrics in this song use ‘used to’ to talk about the past, ‘get used to’ is only used at the end.