Finnish rock band The Rasmus

Songs to Learn English – The Present Perfect Continuous

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Left Outside Alone by Anastacia

Released in 2004 by the American singer.

Theme: Relationship with singer’s father.


I’ve Been Loving You by Elton John

Released by the British singer-songwriter in 1968

Theme: Love

Expressions: to feel blue (to feel sad)


Waiting for a Girl Like You by Foreigner

Released by the British-American rock band in 1981

Theme: Romance

Expressions: To come on (too) strong

Note: Did you notice the mistake in the lyrics ‘I’ve waiting so long’?


Since I’ve Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin

Released by the British rock band in 1970.

Theme: Love

Expressions: ‘a drag’, ‘to lose my mind’

Note: Non-standard English ‘ain’t’, used in some dialects to mean ‘isn’t’, ‘aren’t’ or ‘am not’.


I’ve Been Thinking About You by Londonbeat

Released in 1990 by the British-American pop group.

Theme: Love


Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins

Released in 1989 by the British singer-songwriter.

Theme: Homelessness and poverty

Expressions: ‘to have blisters’


A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles

Released in 1964 by the British group.

Theme: Work, Love

Expressions: ‘To work like a dog’, ‘To sleep like a log’, ‘To moan’


In The Shadows by The Rasmus

Released by the Finnish alternative rock band in 2003


I’ve Been Missing You by UB40

Released in 1997 by the British reggae and pop band.

Theme: Apologies

Expressions: ‘To be caught red-handed’, ‘Cross my heart and hope to die’, ‘To have an alibi’, ‘To pay my dues’.

Note Present Perfect Passive ‘I’ve been caught red-handed’.