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English Spelling

English spelling is notoriously complex because it is influenced by multiple systems. Understanding these systems can help teachers explain spelling patterns and irregularities more effectively.


If you do any online teaching, you probably already know Padlet and use it quite regularly. It is a great collaboration tool for students to share their work. What you might not know much about is Padlet’s new features, released last year, which include AI help.

Homestay Films

We usually have at least one film night during a homestay course. It can really take the pressure off having to entertain for the evening, especially good with children and teens. But it can be difficult finding films that will suit family and students.

EAP Tutorials

One of the topics I’m really interested in at the moment is tutorials, not just in EAP but in any class that is not one-to-one. In one-to-one classes, which are created to address an individual student’s needs, discussing progress, addressing areas of difficulty, talking about goals and aspirations, and finding methods that work for a […]