Root Words and Meaning A – Z

List of blog posts on root words from Latin and Greek and their meanings.

Some knowledge of root words and meanings can really help students when guessing the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary in exam conditions. Some of these words are quite advanced but particularly useful for students studying English for Academic or Specific Purposes (particularly Medicine and Law).

The lists are not particularly inspiring. I generally use them for students to refer to when these roots come up in class, they become familiar over time.

Word Roots and Meaning A, B, C

Word Roots and Meaning D – J

Word Roots and Meaning L – N

Word Roots and Meaning O – R

Word Roots and Meaning S – V

Literature Circles

Over the summer I explored Academic Reading Circles (ARC) with pre-sessional students and was impressed with the depth of reading comprehension and quality of discussion they prompted. The students found them both valuable and enjoyable.

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