English Spelling

English spelling is notoriously complex because it is influenced by multiple systems. Understanding these systems can help teachers explain spelling patterns and irregularities more effectively. Read more

EAP: Hedging

What is hedging?

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Effective Use of Marking Symbols: A Two-Stage Solution

As ESL/EFL teachers, providing constructive feedback is crucial for our students’ language development. One common, effective way to offer feedback is through the use of marking symbols. This not only pinpoints areas for improvement but also encourages learner autonomy and self-correction. Read more

Vocabulary Profiling 2

Have a look at ‘Vocabulary Profiling 1‘ for reasons to profile vocabulary.

LexTutor is a little less user-friendly than VocabKitchen (you may not want students to try it themselves) but offers some additional features. Read more

Vocabulary Profiling 1

How do you decide on the vocabulary to teach students?
Which vocabulary in a given text would you want students to learn and which items could you just gloss?

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