Useful Online Resources

This is a (slowly growing) list of useful online resources for teachers & students, in no particular order. If you have any favourite sites, please let me know. Read more

ChatGPT in the Classroom

I became interested in ChatGPT because it has become such an issue in pre-sessional courses. There are great, valid, concerns about ChatGPT in education but, when used appropriately, it can offer some interesting benefits. Read more

CPD Course 7: ChatGPT in the Language Classroom

The course I took on online teaching mentions as a good source of online tools and materials. I haven’t had much time to explore the site as I got distracted by this course it offers on teaching with ChatGPT. This has been a recurring topic in pre-sessionals and the course is only £40 so I signed up.

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CPD Course 6: Teaching English Online

Another FutureLearn course in association with Cambridge University Press & Assessment.  This one was really useful. It’s worth taking courses on online teaching regularly as everything online changes so quickly. The courses need to be updated regularly too. This one seems to be quite up to date although they do mention Edmodo at one point which is now obsolete (and I miss it – Google classroom is not the same).

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CPD Course 5:: Teaching English through Literature

This is a free British Council course. It’s different from the graded reader course as it includes poetry and how to exploit literature to work on all four skills. There wasn’t much that was new to me but I got some good example texts to use.

CPD Course 4: How to use Graded Readers in the English Language Classroom

This is another short course by ‘Language Fuel’ and FutureLearn. It’s a good introductory course explaining Extensive Reading and giving practical ideas for using graded readers with students.
I researched this as a resources creator at British Study Centre 20 years ago and the activities were similar.
Nik Peachey’s course on ChatGPT opens up a lot of new, really interesting ways of using graded readers with students.

CPD Course 3: Using Creative Problem Solving FutureLearn

This is a FutureLearn course created in conjunction with the National Yang Ming Chaio Tung University. It’s another very short, asynchronous course. It is more practical than ‘Unlocking the Creative Brain’, giving a lot of practical suggestions for utilizing the neurological processes involved in creativity.

CPD Course 2: Unlocking the Creative Brain FutureLearn

This is the first FutureLearn course I’m taking, it’s been created by Central Queensland University. I want to understand how to encourage creative thinking in classes, particularly when with EAP students, children and teenagers as teaching creative thinking is becoming more of a feature in mainstream education.  Read more

CPD Course 1: Pronunciation with Adrian Underhill

I’m in the first week of a 2-week course with Adrian Underhill! Although I’ve read his book and various articles, and watched his workshops online, it is a different experience working with the man himself. As if I’d had a sketch and he’s added shading and colour. He is a generous, humanistic teacher who answers all our questions thoughtfully. Read more

Continuing Professional Development CPD: The Challenge

I’m setting myself a challenge this academic year to do as many CPD courses as I can. It’s been 20 years since I did my DELTA, 10 since I finished my Masters, and 3 years since I moved to teaching online and I feel like I could use some input.

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