CPD British Council Teaching English Courses


These are short self-study courses, made up of three modules plus an introductory module which you only need do once. I’m not sure how much time they suggest for each course but a whole course can be completed in 2 – 3 hours.

The courses I’ve taken are listed below. There are several other courses available on the site. You can find them here.

How to teach grammar

How to teach vocabulary

How to teach listening

Communication skills

Teaching English through literature

Creative resources for primary

Focus on professional development

Inclusive classrooms

Managing learners and resources


The courses are completely free.


You complete the course on your own, at your own pace but there are Facebook threads where you can share your ideas and experiences.

Who is it aimed at?

These would be invaluable post-CELTA but they are also useful refreshers for more experienced teachers. I found something of interest on each course (except the Managing learners and resources, which was pretty basic).


Each course comes with a downloadable workbook at extra materials which give some great, practical, and often innovative, ideas for class use.

These courses are perfect for busy teachers who want to keep up-to-date with the changing landscape of EFL/ESL teaching and evolving needs of students. Despite the flexibility of completing the courses in your own time, it’s important to note that each course is typically available for a limited period, usually a couple of months, although several appear to be repeated.

Have a look, see what interests you, and let me know what you think!