CPD: ChatGPT in the Language Classroom and AI Tools for the English Language Classroom

 “AI won’t take your job. It’s somebody using AI that will take your job” Richard Baldwin, Economist.

Whether or not AI will eventually make EFL teachers obsolete, our students are using more and more AI applications and we need to be able to respond to that, be aware of the pitfalls and the benefits, and teach best practice.

Nik Peachey has published extensively in this area and within the last year has produced two courses for teachers: ChatGPT in the Language Classroom and AI Tools for the English Language Classroom.

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a Luddite but both courses are very accessible and require no technical knowledge.


Both courses are very inexpensive and incredible value for money. You also get lifetime access to the courses, which you’ll need as there’s so much to consider. Also, I believe Nik Peachey updates the courses regularly.

Participants and Tutors

Both courses are asynchronous and can be completed at your own pace. Each segment of each course includes a forum section where you can make comments and share ideas with Nik and others. Nik tends to answer questions surprisingly quickly. There are also a couple of Telegram threads on which people share information, updates and new app discoveries.

The Curriculum

The courses are designed for EFL teachers and include lots of practical ideas for use in and out of the classroom and provide many sample lesson plans.

ChatGPT in the Language Classroom includes modules concerned with both classroom and ‘staffroom’ use, how to engineer your own prompts which will help you tailor work to individual students and specific scenarios, the issues of assessment and cheating and ready made prompts. At the end of the course you get a free downloadable copy of Peachey’s eBook on ChatGPT.

AI Tools for the English Language Classroom examines a number of tools for teachers and for learners, both free and paid services. There is also a lot of background reading included which tackles issues surrounding AI use.

The Assignments

ChatGPT course you submit 3 assignments. On the AI course you submit 1.

The Highlights

The possibilities AI offers are incredible.


It would be nice to receive some feedback on the assignments you submit, rather than a simple pass. However, this would presumably make the courses a lot more expensive to run and I really respect Nik Peachey for keeping the costs low and the courses accessible in the current climate.

Whatever your feelings about AI, it is here and cannot be ignored. With these courses, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the evolving landscape of AI in the classroom and make an informed judgement on whether to embrace it. I wholeheartedly recommend both these courses to all EFL/ESL teachers.