CPD Course 7: ChatGPT in the Language Classroom

The course I took on online teaching mentions PeacheyPublications.com as a good source of online tools and materials. I haven’t had much time to explore the site as I got distracted by this course it offers on teaching with ChatGPT. This has been a recurring topic in pre-sessionals and the course is only £40 so I signed up.

It’s a relatively short, asynchronous course and it’s AMAZING. It’s full of really practical ideas, there are so many really useful, original and engaging ways ChatGPT can be used with all kinds of classes. There are ideas I can use immediately with several of my current classes.
Although this is an asynchronous course, Nik Peachey does read and quickly reply to questions and comments posted in a very thoughtful manner, which is really helpful. You are also able to submit assignments.
I’m currently halfway through and it’s honestly mind-blowing, truly lesson-changing. I’ve been recommending it to everyone. I’m so pleased I stumbled across it. I will also check out membership to Nik Peachey’s main site.
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