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Reading and listening to the news and current affairs can help improve all areas of your English and you can start at any level. There are so many free sites which offer texts and exercises to help.


Reading shows you words in context: you can see how words are used. Listening helps you understand how words are pronounced in context.


Reading and listening to well-structured texts helps you understand and use English grammar naturally.


The more you read, the more you absorb different writing styles. This helps you become a better writer. Through reading you’ll pick up tips and tricks that make your essays, reports and presentations more interesting and engaging.


Listening helps you adopt the rhythm and intonation of a language as well as the pronunciation of individual words. This boosts your speaking skills, making you sound more confident and fluent.


If you’re studying for an English exam (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge exams) reading and listening to news and current affairs should be a regular, daily practice. More than enhancing your vocabulary and language skills, you will gain familiarity with topics common to exams such as the environment, the arts, education, health, culture, crime, entertainment etc. so you will have something to say about any topic.

Easy News for Everyone

These websites offer news stories at different levels, so you can start easy and go on to more difficult levels as you get better.

Breaking News English

News in Levels

BBC Learning English – News Review 2023

BBC Learning English – English in the News

BBC Learning English – Lingohack 2022

Voice of America

Current Affairs

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of topics and issues in the news, you will find these sources, written specifically for language learners, invaluable:

BBC Learning English – 6 Minute English

BBC Learning English – Fake News

Simple English Wikipedia

Authentic Sources for Advanced Learners

The Guardian – This newspaper has British, US and Australian editions. It is free to access online.

BBC News – Free to access online

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