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Alessandra, Italy, Editing and Proofreading

I’m a self-employed brand and marketing consultant. My native language is Italian, but I live in England and work with international companies and startup, so English is more than often the chosen language for my business presentations, reports and white papers. It’s been years since I started my collaboration with Sharn: she is a great teacher and a fantastic editor, very analytical and observant. 
Whenever I need to refine an important document for me or for one of my clients, I involve her in the project. Sharn is a professional as prepared as she is passionate: her linguistic skills and her knowledge of the most subtle nuances of the language allow her to identify the smallest typo as well as discuss for half an hour on the choice of one term rather than another, even when synonyms.
Working with Sharn is always a pleasure and an inspiring learning moment.
Alessandra, UK