Oxford skyline

After living in Brighton & Hove for many years my daughter and I have said goodbye to my old school, Brighton English Teaching, and moved back to Oxford.

I had a great time running Brighton English Teaching and some great students from around the world; journalists, teachers, doctors, students studying at Sussex and Brighton Universities, business people of all descriptions, and my first native speaking children preparing for their SATS exams.

I’m happy to say that every single one of my Cambridge exam students, SATS students and IELTS entrants achieved the scores they needed.

We had some lovely school events – Christmas dinners, beach picnics, pub evenings and theatre visits.

Oxford, sadly, lacks the beach but it does have riverside pubs, river sports and ice-skating, world-class museums, indoor and outdoor theatres and lots of festivals. East Oxford, where we live has a laid-back Brighton vibe and is very multi-cultural with restaurants and delis selling foods from many countries. There is a lot that’s changed since I lived here last and I’m looking forward to exploring it all.

As well as offering one-to-one classes, editing and proofreading, we are now able to offer fully catered home stay courses in our house for students who want to take an intensive English course in Oxford.

So, I’d like to thank all my students and friends for helping to make Brighton English Teaching a rewarding experience. I hope you’ll come and visit us here.