How to Prepare for the Cambridge B2 First Exam

Preparing for the B2 First (FCE) exam needs some planning and practice. Whether you want to improve your English for school, work, or just for fun, getting ready for this exam is important. Let’s explore some easy steps to help you get ready for the B2 First exam.

Practice Tests

Start by trying practice tests to understand what the exam is like. You can find free tests here. Doing practice tests regularly can help you see how you’re improving.

Create a Study Plan

Make a plan to help you study regularly. This plan should have times for reading, writing, listening, and speaking practice. Keep track of your progress.

Free Activities to Improve English

Use free activities online to help you practice English. Cambridge Language Assessment has some activities for the B2 level.

Topics & Vocabulary

The B2 First exam covers many topics. Keep a notebook for new words you learn. Quizlet is a helpful app for learning new words and testing yourself.


Read different things like news articles or stories. Try to guess the meaning of words you don’t know from the context. This will help you in the exam.

Use of English

This part of the exam checks your grammar and vocabulary. Practice using different words and phrases in sentences.


Listen to different types of English, like British or American. Practice listening to things like speeches or conversations. Try to predict what people will say.


Reading can help you write better. Look at examples of writing from the exam. Plan your writing before you start. Check your writing for mistakes.


Watch videos of people doing the speaking test. Record yourself speaking and listen back. Try to copy how native speakers talk. Work on your pronunciation.


Practice your grammar with exercises. Use books like “Grammar In Use” to help you understand.

Take Classes

Consider taking classes if you need more help. You can find classes online or in-person to suit your needs.

Preparing for the B2 First exam takes time, but with regular practice and dedication, you can do it! Good luck!