Cambridge B2 First Exam Marking Criteria

It’s important to know what examiners look for. Here’s what they consider for each part of the B2 First (FCE) exam:

Reading and Use of English:

  • Reading:

    • Understanding: Getting the main ideas and details from texts.
    • Text Structure: Knowing how texts are organized.
  • Use of English:

    • Grammar and Vocabulary: Using grammar and words correctly.
    • Putting Sentences Together: Making sentences that make sense.


  • Content:

    • Doing the Task: Doing what you’re asked to do.
    • Using Language Well: Using words and grammar correctly.
  • Language:

    • Grammar and Vocabulary: Using words and grammar right.
    • Organization: Organizing your writing well.


  • Understanding:

    • Main Ideas: Understanding the most important parts.
    • How It’s Said: Understanding feelings and ideas.
  • Language:

    • Grammar and Vocabulary: Knowing different grammar and words.
    • Saying Things Right: Saying things correctly.


  • Talking with Others:

    • Taking Part: Joining in conversations.
    • Starting and Responding: Beginning conversations and answering questions.
  • Language:

    • Grammar and Vocabulary: Using different words and grammar.
    • Speaking Well: Talking smoothly.
  • Saying Things Clearly:

    • Being Understood: Making sure others understand you.

Other Important Things to Remember:

  • Using Different Words and Being Correct: Using lots of different words correctly.
  • Talking and Writing Right for the Situation: Using language that fits where you are and what you’re talking about.

Knowing what examiners want can help you prepare for the B2 First exam. Good luck!