YouGlish: Pronunciation and Words in Context

YouGlish is a great website for English Language Learners. It uses clips from YouTube videos to show particular words and phrases in speech. You can use it to look up the pronunciation of words and how words or phrases are really used in context.

Put your word or phrase into the search box and choose to search for examples in British English, American English, Australian, Canadian, Irish, Scottish or New Zealand English, or all of them.

You will then be presented with a video clip. It will play from the sentence which includes the word or phrase you searched for.

You can scroll down the page to get definitions of each word in the transcript box.

The site offers ‘Nearby Words’ which sound a little like the word or words you searched for. I don’t think this is particularly useful.

If you scroll further, you can find the phonetic transcription of your word or phrase and tips on how to improve your English pronunciation.

It’s a great site for finding how words are really used in speech and comparing different accents.

Play around with it and let me know how you use it.