Over the past 20 years I’ve taught several teacher refresher courses for EFL teachers in France, Spain, Taiwan and China, in primary, secondary and adult education.

Each course is designed in consultation with you after meeting to complete a needs analysis which considers both your needs as an English speaker and those of your students and curriculum.

Courses can include:

Language Proficiency Enhancement: Before your course starts we will meet to complete a needs analysis to assess your language needs and the areas you are interested in working on for both yourself and your students.

Pedagogical Strategies: While we focus on Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), emphasising interactive and student-centred approaches, we may also consider Task-based learning, Total Physical Response (TPR), Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Integrating Technology and Differentiated Instruction.

Practical Teaching Skills: Would you like to improve your teaching of pronunciation? Make grammar interesting? Make writing inspiring? Discover effective error correction techniques? Design engaging lessons with clear objectives? We can explore tried and tested techniques and consider recent research-based strategies.

Classroom Management: We can look at various ways of establishing routines and procedures which can help create a thoughtful and inspiring classroom environment and ways of promoting inclusivity.

Professional Development: By introducing reflective practices, we explore and evaluate our own approaches and experience. This can include class observation and feedback.

Cultural Awareness: Depending on your, and your students, interest and curriculum, we may include methods of raising awareness of English as a Global Language and/or cross-cultural communication issues.

Inclusion and Learning Differences: We can look at practical ways of supporting students with diverse learning needs within a mainstream classroom.