Idioms with ‘Time’

If you haven’t already, have a look at my last post about idioms, what they are, which to learn and how to learn them.

Can you guess what idioms these pictures are showing? They all use the word ‘time’.


Can you match them to the idioms and meanings below?


1. To two-time someone.

2. A race against time (Also: A race against the clock & To beat the clock).

3. To be behind the times.


a. A situation in which something must be done quickly because there is much time.

b. To be old-fashioned, out-dated. Not knowing modern styles or ideas.

c. To deceive your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife by having a secret relationship with someone else at the same time.

Can you choose which expressions fill the gaps in the sentences below?

1. It’s _________________! The bomb will explode in 3 minutes. We must find it!

2. You’ve never heard of AI? You’re so ___________!

3. They broke up because he was ____________ her. She’s pleased to be rid of him!

Your turn!

Can you draw the following idioms? Find out the meaning first and see if you can create an image that shows both the words and meaning.

1. Time flies when you’re having fun.

2. The time is ripe.

3. To save time.

4. To have a devil of a time.

5. To kill time.

6. To hit the big time.

7. To have all the time in the world.

8. To have time on your hands.

9. The time has come.

10. To spend time.

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