For Adults

My creative writing courses are based on a number of creative writing books and advice from successful authors originally written for native English speakers, which I have adapted for EFL / ESL learners.

We study a variety of linguistic techniques such as idiom, imagery, metaphor & simile, personification, alliteration, rhyme, repetition, rhythm, onomatopoeia etc. as well as literary techniques such as characterisation, plot, mood, point of view, dialogue. We look at how these have been used by successful authors and practice producing our own examples.

We also look at techniques to encourage your own writing e.g. how to deal with the blank page, observing the world around you, harnessing memories, creating characters, setting the scene, constructing plots etc.

Some courses also focus on reading literature and poetry, developing confidence in the pronunciation of sounds, words and connected speech. Developing spoken performance skill through voice, tone, pause, timing and intonation.

Recommended level: B2 and above
Although, as always classes are designed to meet your requirements a level of B2 and above is recommended in order to understand authentic literary texts with relative ease.

For Young Learners

Classes are very much tailored to the needs and interests of the child. 

With younger children we often work towards producing an online or printable book written and illustrated by the child. 

With older children we may incorporate creative writing into a more general writing skills course focusing on the requirements of different genres e.g. letter & email writing, report writing, poetry, stories, biographies, essay writing etc.