Business English courses, like all courses I offer, are tailor-made to meet your needs and interests.
Courses are created after we have met and completed a needs analysis.
Courses remain flexible so we can work at your pace and ensure our work continues to meet your needs.

Previous courses have included:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • BEC (Cambridge Business English Certificates: B1 Preliminary, B2 Vantage and C1 Higher)
  • Business Writing
  • CV Writing & Cover Letters
  • English for Customer Care
  • English for Job Interviews
  • English for Negotiations
  • English for Travel & Tourism
  • English for the Wine Industry
  • Presentation Skills for Medical Researchers

I also offer proofreading for EFL. This goes beyond simple proofreading, I proofread your work and provide you with notes on grammar and vocabulary which we can meet to discuss in detail. I also offer a tailor-made class or classes based on your errors and focused on improving your writing.