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Aurora, Italy, Young Learner

I am an Italian high school student, and I am happy to be able to share my experience with Sharn. I had online lessons during summer of 2021 and Sharn immediately proved to be not only a great teacher, but also a nice, fun and open person to dialogue; regarding the study of the English language, I am personally very satisfied with the level I have reached under the guidance of Sharn who has always been very clear, motivating and well-organized with work. During 2022, I also had the opportunity to be her guest in Oxford (a wonderful city, a must if you want to visit England in my opinion) so I had the pleasure of coming into direct contact with the English language and visiting new places. Sharn and her family were immediately kind and welcoming, they introduced me to their traditions, a good alternative and efficient way of learning outside the classroom. The cultural exchange enriched my experience and provided me with a practical application of the English language.

A huge thank you to Sharn for all these wonderful experiences :).