Who chooses to study EAP?

To be accepted on a university course in the UK English language learners have to achieve a certain IELTS score. The required score is set by the university but is typically band 6 for an undergraduate course and band 6.5 – 7 for a postgraduate course. However, many students find after they have started their course that they need some extra English language support. Most of my EAP students are postgraduates studying at local universities who fit English lessons around their university study.

My background is in Education and Linguistics. I hold a BSc (Bachelor of Science) and an MA (Master of Arts). I’ve taught English to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying Law, Journalism, Computing, Business Studies and Development.

If you are thinking of applying to university but haven’t yet achieved the necessary IELTS score, it would be better to choose a course in Academic IELTS.

What do you cover in an EAP course?


Many students find speaking a challenge, whether it’s giving presentations or lectures, contributing in meetings or seminars or speaking socially to other students and tutors. We can work on pronunciation and intonation, vocabulary, spoken grammar and presentation skills. I often make recordings of you speaking so we can identify and concentrate on the aspects you need to improve.


Many students find lectures difficult. We can work on listening skills, note-taking and vocabulary. We use authentic listening materials from news and current affairs, university lectures and TED talks. We can also use material specific to your subject or your course.


Students usually find they have a lot of reading to do for a university course. We can work on critical reading skills, developing comprehension and engaging with the text, analysing an author’s standpoint and arguments. We use a range of source materials from various academic disciplines and can use reading material specific to your subject.


Many students struggle with academic writing. We can work on essay organisation and structure, how to develop and support written argument and achieve the right level of formality, and how to critically evaluate and edit your own written work. We will also work on areas of grammatical weakness. We use a range of materials but cannot use materials from your particular course.

learner training

By the time students reach this level of English language learning they have typically been learning the language for many years and often know what strategies work best for their learning. We can work on improving learning strategies and critical thinking skills to ensure you are making the best use of your time.

Life in Britain

We often use materials relating to British culture, news and current affairs so you can engage more fully with everyday life in Britain.

Is EAP right for me?

If you are studying or intending to study at college or university in the UK and have the necessary IELTS score for your course, but would like some extra support with academic English, then yes, EAP is right for you.

If you haven’t yet taken the IELTS, then you should choose to study Academic IELTS. Academic IELTS does cover similar skills and strategies but has a greater focus on the IELTS exam.

At the first meeting we will complete a thorough needs analysis to assess your academic needs and interests so a course can be tailored to you.

If you have any more questions, please get in touch.