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Language Play – Alliteration and Rhyme

Word PlayPersuasion, poems, puns. We use language to connect, to communicate, to conceal; for literature and laughs. From the time we begin to babble as babies language play is something we all do. Here are some of our favourite no materials, no preparation, rhyming and alliteration games. Read more

Repetition and Rhetoric

Aristotle_800When people send me their work for editing they most often ask me to check for repetition. There seems to be a general fear of repeating words and phrases in writing and an idea that we must always find synonyms, which are plentiful in English.

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Why rhyme?

My daughter, Lyra, is learning a poem for a school poetry competition. She wanders around the house muttering lines and rhymes to herself, making up new ones when she forgets the original (which she often does).

Listening to Lyra’s evident enjoyment of the poem I began to wonder what it is about rhyme that we find so appealing.

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