What’s the Life in the UK test?

Do you have any information about the Life in the UK test?

Hong asks, 'Do you have any information about Life in the UK, which is an English exam for immigrants to take in 2014?'


The Life in the UK test changed recently as the current government added new content and an English language assessment.

You can find the official handbook here and information on the test here (look at 'navigation tutorial' and 'what you need to know'). This site has a lot of information on the test and forums where you can ask more specific questions.

The Life in the UK test is designed for people who speak English at an ESOL level 3. You can find some test information for that here and some interactive lessons for that level here.   If you find those lessons or test papers too difficult, try some of the interactive lessons for levels 1 and 2. Although the test changed in March this year, you might still benefit from looking at past test papers which can be found here (scroll down to get to level 3 past papers).

I hope that helps. Let me know how you get on. Good luck.


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